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Are Electric Scooters Contributing To Making The Environment Quieter?

Walking on the roads nowadays has become very difficult. With so much traffic all around, firstly. You don’t have space to walk. And god-forbid, if you want to talk to someone, maybe over a phone or maybe your walking companion, you’ll have to shout at the top of your voice for that!
Noise pollution is becoming more and more problematic. Many people who have anxiety or any other health issues are the ones affected the most by it. But, do we have a solution to that? Well, yes! There is an option. Shifting to an electric scooter is the most viable option that you can get!

Is the Electric revolution the best way out ?

Well, better than living with those never-ending sounds of horns and sirens and yelling people and construction noises. And of course better than breathing in more pollutants than Oxygen! Studies suggest that vehicles are the primary source of noise pollution in India. Vehicular traffic makes around 55 to 60% of the noise pollution felt in urban India. Electric scooters work on batteries and hence do not have heavy moving parts. So, there occur no “vrooms” and revs when you start your e-scooter. Their horns are of lower volume than other vehicles too. Also, they have a lower drag coefficient, so they don’t produce much noise at higher speeds. And then, we all know how important a purpose they serve when it comes to saving our environment from further damage. Well, electric vehicles are indeed the future of vehicles.

Are electric scooters beneficial for you as well ?

Indeed! they are not only beneficial for the environment but for all those people who are using them as well. Not only are they affordable, but a smooth and hassle-free ride as well. Imagine you don’t have to rely on the costly petrol anymore, just a plug and a power source that’s it! Moreover, even if the battery dies down, the cost of replacing, maintenance, all counted in, is still less than the money you would have to spend on a classic vehicle!
Conclusion :
The automobile industry has seen a tremendous transformation over the years. Electric vehicles are an addition to history. This time, more than our requirement, it is the requirement of this earth. If you want to contribute to this change and search for an e-scooter for yourself, you can start by searching for the top 10 electric motorbikes and would easily get to your destination!

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