The KOMAKI SE Seat offers cushy support to effectively buffer and ergonomically distribute pressure, making each ride a breeze!

A continuation of the Komaki legacy, the Komaki SE is ready to rule the road.

Power Equivalent of a 125cc Class

Equipped with the same powertrain performance to 125cc class, KOMAKI SE is genetically wired to a more efficient roaming.

Free The Limitation

Better motor output for you to break the boundaries. Turn it up, speed it up, gain more while you go further.

Superior Suspensions

A pair of thicker, more robust front-rear suspensions, coupled with custom dampening controls, provide the comfort in speed so you can take on anything.

Double Disc Brake System*

Also found in heavy-duty motorcycles, the Double Disc brake system moni- tors the front and rear wheel at a frequency of 200 times per second to prevent an imminent
wheel lock. Weighs only 580-gram, this device balances performance & safety in all riding situations.

Blazing down the street, where I claim the spotlight. The bold look grabs you by the eyes. 

Riding through cities with the unprecedented power of tuned-up motors,
explore the unknown with the most comfortable riding experience.
The new KOMAKI SE is the best ride for both city sprint and grand touring in style.