7 Must-Know Tips for Electric Scooter Insurance

Electric scooters have emerged as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of commute. With the growing demand for electric vehicles, the need for its protection is also equally important.  We shall look into the key aspects of Electric Scooter Insurance, providing insights into coverage options, cost factors, specific requirements, benefits, and the claiming process making It a comprehensive guide for you.

Understanding Electric Scooter Insurance Coverage

  • Third-party Liability: One of the fundamental aspects of Electric Scooter Insurance is third-party liability coverage. This safeguards you against legal and financial liabilities arising from injury or property damage caused to a third party during an electric scooter ride. 
  • Natural Calamity and Fire: Comprehensive plans often extend coverage to include damages resulting from natural calamities and fire incidents. ​ 
  • Road Accidents: Electric Scooter Insurance comprehensively covers damages incurred due to road accidents. From minor collisions to major mishaps, having the right insurance ensures that you can ride with peace of mind. 
  • Personal Accident Cover: In the unfortunate event of a personal accident, this aspect of insurance provides financial support for medical expenses and compensation for injuries sustained during an electric scooter ride. 
  • Theft, Replacement & Repair: Securing your electric scooter also involves protection against theft. Insurance plans often cover the cost of replacing or repairing your scooter in case it is stolen or damaged.

How Much Does Insurance for Electric Scooters Cost?

The cost of Electric Scooter Insurance varies among insurance providers and depends on factors like the scooter’s engine capacity and overall value. Basic cover, including basic own damage and third-party premium, is subject to an 18% GST.

Average Cost

  • Up to 3 KW: Between 450Rs to 500Rs
  • Up to 7 KW: Between 600Rs to 700Rs
  • Up to 16 KW: Between 1100Rs to 1200Rs

Understanding these costs empowers electric scooter owners to make informed decisions about their insurance plans.

How much does insurance for Electric Scooter cost ?

Specific Insurance Requirements for E-scooters

When it comes to insuring electric scooters, there may be specific requirements set by insurance providers. These could include safety measures, vehicle specifications, and compliance with local regulations.

Benefits of Having Scooter Insurance

  • Ride Assurance: Knowing you have insurance provides confidence and assurance every time you embark on the best electric scooter journey.
  • Coverage Benefits: Beyond basic protection, insurance plans often come with additional benefits, such as roadside assistance and coverage for accessories.
  • Affordable Scooter Insurance: Contrary to popular belief, scooter insurance is often more affordable than anticipated, especially considering the potential costs of accidents or theft.

Electric Scooter Insurance vs. Traditional Vehicle Insurance

Electric scooter insurance differs significantly from traditional vehicle insurance.  It depends on the size of the vehicle, its source or power, and also how much the vehicle has been used Understanding these differences helps people choose the right insurance that fits the best electric scooter needs.

Benefits of having an insurance for EV

How to Claim Electric Scooter Insurance ?

In the unfortunate event of an accident or theft, knowing how to efficiently claim your electric scooter insurance is important.
Inform Your Insurance Company Promptly :
The first and foremost step is to inform your insurance company immediately after the incident. Prompt reporting allows the insurance provider to initiate the claim process quickly. In case it has been delayed the process can be complicated and in some cases, the claim also could be denied.
Click Clear and Comprehensive Pictures :
Documentation is key when it comes to claiming insurance for your electric scooter. Take clear and comprehensive photographs of the damages incurred during the incident. This visual evidence serves as a crucial reference point during the assessment process, aiding in a more accurate and efficient claim evaluation.
Keep Necessary Documents Ready :
Having your paperwork in order is essential. Keep your insurance policy, vehicle registration documents, and any other relevant paperwork readily available. This not only speeds up the claim process but also ensures you have all the important information with you when you are speaking with the insurance company.
Allow for Inspection :
Once you’ve reported the incident and provided photographic evidence, the insurance company may require an inspection of the damages. Cooperate with the appointed surveyor or representative to facilitate a thorough assessment. This inspection with help understand the extent of the damage and offer a fair and precise estimation for all the repair or replacement costs required.
Compensate the Damage :

Upon approval of your claim, the insurance company will proceed to compensate for the damages incurred. This compensation may cover the repair costs or, in cases of severe damage or theft, provide funds for the replacement of your electric scooter. It is very important to have a clear understanding of the coverage limits and points written in your insurance policy to avoid any disappointment during the compensation process.

Specific Requirements for Insuring High-Performance Electric Scooters

For owners who have high performance and the best electric scooters, there might be additional requirements and considerations. Insurance providers may stipulate specific safety measures or impose different premium rates based on the scooter’s power and speed capabilities.

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