Is it worth it to buy an electric scooter in India Right Now ?

Is It Worth To Buy An Electric Scooter In India Right Now?

Is It Worth It To Buy An Electric Scooter In India Right Now?

In what seems like no time at all, Electric scooters have become increasingly prevalent in cities all over the world. E-scooter users laud them for being simple to use, effective, and reasonably priced. They hail them as a green mode of transportation for the next carbon-neutral age. In the future, there will be no time for you to even think before buying e-scooters as they will become a mandate. So why waste time and think now? Let us take you deep into why is it worth to buy an electric scooter in India.
Compared to conventional scooters purchasing an electric scooter is beneficial in many ways. Especially the cost, which is one of the most critical factors. There is so much misconception about the cost comparison with electric and petrol saying the former is costlier. We all know how alarming the increasing petrol price is for the customers. Leave alone the petrol cost, there is much more to it. Let us break it down for you.
The cost comparison with electric and petrol saying the former is costlier

Petrol Scooters

The price of most petrol scooters ranges between 75k to 90k (Keeping in mind Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Shine, TVS Jupiter Suzuki Access, etc) The price of petrol per litre on average is 100 (Keeping in mind all cities in India) Let us keep every day 30 km for 30 days which is 900 km In general, the millage for petrol vehicles is around 50kms which constitutes to 18 litres per month, 1800 per month and approx. 22,000 Rs per year Let us also include how much the maintenance costs. Say you are to service your vehicle quarterly; the average bill being 1500 Rs per time, then, Adding all this, the total spend per year is around Rs. 28000

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters in India start from 79 k (keeping in mind the Komaki Flora) And one unit costs average 10 Rs in India. For a 30 km travel, not more than 5 unit is required. Which costs around 50 Rs. So, the electricity cost is around 500 Rs. per month and yearly 6000 Rs. Even if you add a service charge, which is very rare in comparison to conventional vehicles, plus also the battery charge, it would not substitute to petrol vehicles.

Still Wondering If It Is Worth Investing in An Electric Scooter? There Is More You Need to Know

The other concern that opponent stakeholders raise is the range. Now a days, electric scooters easily have a battery life of about 150 – 180 kms which is more sufficient for even an everyday user. (Personal Advice – If at all you are to travel more than 200 km, you seriously need to change your mode of transport considering cost and health). Further, in case of emergencies, there are several charging stations set up across the nation and there are more to come.

Safety Being the Priority, There is Also Room for Aesthetics

Electric Scooters are built with the utmost quality to ensure safety. They stay pristine even after excessive usage and this proves the above statement. With robust technologies, electric scooters make your journey more pleasant and comfortable. It has effective build quality and fast charging to enhance the user experience. Apart from this, anti-skid technology keeps you in balance all the time.
worth to buy an electric scooter in India
Komaki scooters have all the above and even more. Komaki scooters are spacious that add more to your comfort. With different gear modes along with cruise control, you can enjoy a cosy ride. It’s regenerative braking system keeps you safe in all the humps and bumps.

Moreover, Government Encourages Electric Scooters

The national government recently introduced two new subsidy programs that encourage people to opt for electric scooters. The ‘Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and EV (FAME)’ scheme has increased its subsidy rate for electric scooters to Rs 15,000 per kWh. To qualify this, scooters must have a minimum range of 80 km/h and a minimum speed of 40 kph. Additionally, the scooters’ ex-factory price cannot exceed Rs 1.50 lakh. The government is providing several supports to electric scooter production and providing aid with laying charging units.

The Future is Here

The Indian market is gearing up to see a huge spike in the sale of electric scooters. Research says there could be about a 78% jump in sales within 2023. Electric two-wheelers are already starting to feel a demand as customers are more adaptive. The report, ‘Forecasting Penetration of Electric Two-Wheelers in India’, predicts the future of electric two-wheelers using eight different scenarios — challenged diffusion, performance-driven, low battery cost, technology-driven, incentive-driven, battery cost challenged, same performance, and optimistic scenario. Among these, the optimistic scenario predicts 100% electric two-wheeler penetration by 2027. A recent report by the Indian government’s think tank, NITI Aayog, and Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) forecast 100% penetration of electric two-wheelers in the Indian market by 2026–27. All these authentic reports are enough to say, the future is here and it is with electric vehicles.
worth to buy an electric scooter in India

Go, Green, Go Electric

Unlike typical, which release dangerous pollutants into the air when driven, electric scooters have no emissions. Also, electric scooters have a very high energy efficiency since they use a rechargeable battery. Noise pollution has been a major environmental concern and electric scooters can be a solution to counter it. Not just rural now even urban metropolitan residents live in peace. Electric scooters offer a more effective and adaptable form of transportation, which can assist in lessening traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. In general, electric scooters offer a more sustainable option.
worth to buy an electric scooter in India

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