Kimaki m5
M5 is inspired by racing designs with a frame that gives the rider full control.
Experience a ride that is super responsive.
"komaki electric bike "

Special Edition

M5 is specially designed for the youth. It’s unique design make it an instant attraction and a head turner on roads


Nitro Filled Shock absorber

Equipped with Nitrox filled dampers that prevent foaming of the damping oil, so that the efficiency of the shock absorber remains constant throughout. The canister is filled with
pressurized Nitrogen gas, which further acts as a reservoir for both oil and shockers.


High Grip Dual Performance Tires*

The specially high grip dual performance tires were developed for electric bikes. The specially designed tire tread improves performance
on wet surfaces by 20%*, keeping you in control.

komaki battery

Detachable Lion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the key enablers of this disruption. They have reduced the cost of fuel for vehicles and also offer energy conservation benefits.
Komaki M5 comes with a detachable battery. You can charge whenever and wherever.

We designed the M5 to integrate man and machine as one, delivering a truly incredible riding experience.
The ultimate in M5 Performance evolution turns the bike into an extension of the rider’s mind.
komaki M5 electric bike