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Where Can I Buy An Affordable Electric Bike/Scooter?

Where can I buy an affordable Electric Bike/Scooter?

Once you have decided to buy an electric scooter, there are many things that you need to consider like speed, the riding range, battery life, maintenance etc., but cost stands top of all that. You need not buy into the idea that buying an electric scooter is going to be heavy in your pockets. There are several ranges of affordable scooters available in the market. 

The first thing you need to do is research. Research on how you want your scooter to be. Your preference and non-negotiables. The range would be the critical factor for someone who travels a lot. For someone who prefers comfort needs a spacious vehicle. For someone, new techs and facilities would matter more. For someone may be all of the above. For others, it could be to buy an affordable electric scooter. So, research and finalize what your hard and fast rules are. 

How to Choose an Affordable Electric Scooter?

In India, electric scooters are the focus of attention in the electric vehicle (EV) market. These scooters are small, reasonably priced, and go well with the nation’s infrastructure. As a result, the market is flooded with electric scooters and every renowned brand now has ventured into the EV market selling electric scooters at every price range. 

Though it has helped reduce the demand, the downside of it is now customers who are trying to make a decision on which electric scooter to purchase has gotten pretty daunted. Do not worry; we have you covered. We’ve included some key factors to consider when purchasing an e-scooter in India.

With price being the most important factor to consider, there are a set of other elements that you must look into. Ensure that the brand you are buying from has a good reputation and sells robust varieties of scooters. This will reduce half of your work. Here, it would be easy for you to choose your low-cost scooter as they would have products to cater to every set of customers. For ex, KOMAKI is revolutionizing the space of electric scooters and have extensive options.

Top KOMAKI Affordable Electric Scooters

KOMAKI, being the leading producer of electric vehicles strives to provide a good riding experience for their customers. They have scooters for all the segments and their range starts from 78,999 Rs only. This is a brand that sells the best yet costs the least. 

KOMAKI Eco – Starts from Rs. 77,000

KOMAKI Flora starts from Rs. 78,999 onwards

KOMAKI LY single battery – From Rs. 95,866 

KOMAKI LY dual battery – From Rs. 1,29,500

Venice Sport – Starts from Rs.1,03,900 onwards

KOMAKI SE/DT – 3000 starts from Rs. 1,25,000 onwards

KOMAKI TN – 95 starts from Rs. 1,31,035 onwards

KOMAKI Offers one for everyone. You name it, KOMAKI has it. It is not just the cost. Their USP lies in including robust technologies and eye-catching elements in their lower-price segments. 

Advantages Of Buying An Affordable Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are now the talk of the town and this is due to the innumerable number of benefits it offers to its customers. 

The first and foremost thing is that these scooters are environmental friendly. In this day and age, where people have become more aware of how to safeguard the environment and do less harm to it, have started knowing the glam it provides to the environment. If you can bring up a huge change in society by simultaneously doing good for yourself, would you not sign up? Electric scooters can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank.

Who hates convenience? Especially when it comes to transportation, convenience is one of the top factors that everyone looks for and electric vehicles offer you +1, which is convenience + style and elegance as a bonus. These are light weight, compact and an easy way to move around the town.

Electric scooters offer hassle-free maintenance, which makes them more popular among the busy bees. These days, people are held up throughout the day regarding work, family and personal life. In between, worrying for their two-wheelers should be the least priority and there is where electric scooters take the points. Repairs and maintenance are rare and cheap.

The facilities that electric scooters in India offers are unparalleled. They have keyless entry, powerful braking systems, anti-theft alarm, USB port, BLDC motor, lithium-ion battery, 100+ km in single charge in an average, top speed and what not.

Apart from all of it, the cost really matters. There is a huge misconception on electric scooters being costly. If you include the ever-rising petrol prices, tiring and high-priced maintenance charges, electric scooters will seem much more cheaper. Especially if you buy an affordable electric scooter, you can save you a lot of money compared to the conventional ones. 

KOMAKI - Advantages Of Buying An Affordable Electric Scooter

Safety Considerations When Buying An Affordable Electric Scooter

Leave it electric scooters; driving any vehicle should come with safety measures and self-obedience. However, if you plan to buy electric scooters, prepare to tick all the safety standards.

The first thing you need to check is the build quality. This is the most crucial aspect of electric vehicles. It is a safe option if the scooter is made of high quality to withstand your use. Check twice when it mentions lightweight. Not all vehicles understand the true meaning. Poor built quality can also qualify as lightweight. The originality lies in how well-built the vehicle is, alongside being lightweight.

Check if the power and speed of the vehicle are in proportion to each other. This also corresponds to the build quality. There could be disturbances if the vehicle cannot produce power to match its highest speed. 

Make sure that the vehicle has good battery life. The battery is the powerhouse of an electric scooter and if that is going to have issues, then you must reconsider.

Check for lighting and visibility. The vehicle should have enough lighting and reflector to be able to see what’s going on the road and simultaneously helps you stay visible.  

If you are new to electric scooters, make sure you get hands on it before riding it full time. However, electric scooters are easy to drive and do not need any prior or special training. This will help you to feel the vehicle more. 

Check for the brand’s reputation and how well they do in the market. Also, always remember to check for government certification and always opt for a test drive before you make the move. These can give you the empowerment to make informed decisions.

Apart from all the above, it is the rider’s responsibility to make sure you are equipped with all the safety measures. 

Caring A Little Extra Is No Harm

Vehicles last long with good maintenance. Regardless of its type. Since you have chosen an electric vehicle, congratulations, you have to spend less time, energy and money on maintenance. However, following certain simple things say no to wear and tear.

The first thing is cleaning the scooter, we all know water is not a good friend of electricity. So, ditch the water and use clothes. If it is just dust, you can use a dry cloth. If it is a stain, you can just use a damp cloth. If it is going to be a stubborn stain, use an all-purpose cleaner for effective removal.

Apart from that, always do the basic hygiene check. Make sure the lights, breaks, cables and all the fasteners are intact. Check if the tires are well-working and the air pressure is at the right point. Make sure the moving parts are lubricated well.

Battery health is a must when it comes to electric scooters. Don’t always overcharge or undercharge. Never leave the scooter in charge for much more time than it is required.

KOMAKI-Caring A Little Extra Is No Harm

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