How can i get a Subsidy for an electric scooter in India ?

Top 5+ Things To Know About Subsidy for an electric scooter in India

Top 3+ Things to Know About Subsidy for an Electric Scooter in India

Stepping up the game for eco-friendly rides and wanting to buy the Best electric scooter in India with subsidies, India’s government is rolling out some sweet deals to get more folks riding electric scooters. To tap into the Indian EV funding, you’ll need to nail down the subsidy details, check your eligibility, and ace the application process. In this blog let us look into the Subsidy for an electric scooter in India.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Availing a Subsidy for an Electric Scooter in India?

To qualify for the subsidy for an electric scooter in India, there are specific eligibility criteria set by the government. To catch that subsidy for your electric scooter, you’ve got to check off a few boxes like earning within set limits, living in the right place, and following the rules the government has laid out. Typically, the Electric scooter subsidy eligibility involves criteria such as:
  • Scooter speed requirement:

    The scooter needs to achieve a minimum top speed of 40 km/h.

  • Electric range specification:

    The scooter must be capable of covering a minimum distance of 80 km on a single charge.

  • Battery specification:

    The scooter should come equipped with a lithium-ion battery or any other advanced battery technology.

  • Localization mandate:

    The EV manufacturer must ensure that the vehicle contains at least 50% locally sourced components, adhering to the Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP).

Are There Specific Documents Required to Qualify for an Electric Scooter Subsidy in India?

To streamline the application process, certain documents are typically required when applying Subsidy for an electric scooter in India:

Identification Proof

A copy of the applicant’s Aadhaar card, passport, or any other government-issued ID is usually mandatory.

Address Proof

Documents like a utility bill, ration card, or driving license can serve as proof of residence.

Income Certificate

Providing an income certificate issued by the concerned authority might be necessary to validate the applicant’s income eligibility for the subsidy.

Vehicle Details

Furnishing details about the electric scooter, including its specifications, model, and price, is fundamental for the application process.

How Does Electric Scooter Subsidy Work?

  • So, the way Subsidy for an electric scooter in India shakes out is that the government kicks in some cash to help cut down what you pay for your new ride. To lower costs, the government provides subsidies directly to manufacturers and dealers of electric scooters.

  • The cashback you get when you buy an electric scooter depends on a bunch of things, like how powerful your battery is and what model you choose, not to mention the rules of the subsidy scheme itself. The process often involves the government directly offering the subsidy to the manufacturer or dealer, thereby reducing the upfront cost for the buyer.

What Is the Subsidy for Electric Scooters in 2023?

  • In 2023, the Subsidy for an electric scooter in India has witnessed certain updates and revisions to align with the evolving landscape of electric vehicles. Keen to drive eco-friendly transportation, the government has committed a big fund to improve the deal for those looking to buy an Affordable electric scooter initiative.

  • The subsidy amounts may vary depending on the state and the specific program such as the Electric Scooter Affordability program. While some regions might offer a flat-rate subsidy, others might adopt a tiered system, granting higher Incentives for electric scooters for more advanced and efficient electric scooter models.

  • As of June 1, 2023, the government decreased the maximum subsidy incentive from 40 percent of the vehicle's value to 15 percent and set a subsidy limit of Rs 10,000 per kWh of battery.

Subsidy for electric vehicles

Do Electric Scooter Subsidies in India Vary Between Urban and Rural Areas?

  • The allocation of Subsidy for an electric scooter in India may sometimes vary between urban and rural areas. In cities where the air is thick with pollution and streets are jam-packed, governments step up their game to encourage people to switch to electric scooters.

  • Urban areas, often experiencing more significant pollution issues due to higher vehicular density, might receive more substantial incentives to promote the adoption of electric scooters. Meanwhile, subsidies might be shaped to suit the unique situations faced by those living in less populated areas.

Did You Know?

Electric Scooters Are Also Known as Kick Scooters

  • In the unfortunate event of a rejected subsidy application for an electric scooter in India, applicants are advised to thoroughly review the reasons for the rejection. When you get a no-go on your Indian electric scooter subsidy claim, it's often because of gaps in your paperwork, not fitting the bill income-wise or where you live, or slipping up on the rules they laid out.

  • If faced with rejection, individuals should consider rectifying the issues that led to the rejection and reapplying with the necessary corrections. Seeking guidance from the concerned authorities or assistance from experts knowledgeable about Electric Scooter grant programs can also be beneficial in navigating the reapplication process effectively.

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